We Are Better Together

Meet a Few of Our Strategic Partners


Earnest Love

We are a God-loving group of women committed to helping women who have been sexually violated experience emotional healing. We serve our community through classes, workshops, talks and panel discussions. Our goal is to reach women who are suffering in silence and provide support and resources so they can heal, love and live again.  We believe emotionally healthy women become emotionally healthy mothers, wives, employees, employers, entrepreneurs and friends, all which lead to building healthy families and stronger communities. 

Legacy Consortium

Legacy Consortium

THE LEGACY CONSORTIUM (TLC) provides interventions and programs that promote:

  • Peaceful relationships in families
  • Healthier and happier youth and young adults
  • Improved emotional connections between children and parents
  • Youth and young adults who will be leaders in their schools and communities

Church of God Legacy Retreat Center

COG North Georgia Retreat Center

We have so  much to offer  you here at the Legacy. Our spacious facilities, various amenities/sports opportunities, and 6-acre lake surrounded by wooded hills with hiking trails, all beckon you to this tranquil setting. Whatever the season, or your length of stay, our dedicated, Christian staff offer you their best services to ensure that you have an enjoyable, wholesome experience. Our desire and prayer for you is that your spirit, soul, and body will be refreshed by God’s Spirit through our Lord Jesus Christ and through God’s creation..

The Torch

The Torch

At the Torch our vision is simple. We've broken it down into three parts so you can see where our heart and priorities lie.


To reach an ever-increasing number of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


To develop need-based ministries that reach out to our attendees and community.


To move attendees to discipleship through Connectedness, Spiritual Maturity, & Participation in Ministry.